Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Be Christmas

Welcome!!! Come on in and take a peek! We spent the weekend getting our house ready for Christmas. I still need to finish making the tree look good, but I am pretty pleased with how the rest is turning out. I finally got my Uppercase Living on the wall and I bought some new decorations.

I love snowmen! I am such a sucker for them. So, I couldn't resist the new one that is in my entryway now. I have another on order that should be arriving in a couple of days. I can't wait for it to come!! It is really starting to feel like Christmas around here! And the kids were in fine form today, so I can tell Christmas is getting closer! LOL! The cold has also moved in, so it was a perfect day to stay home and decorate. Right now, it is 1 degree outside and with the windchill is is in the negative 20's. BRRRR!!!!

We were asked to host my dad's side of the family Christmas this year, but we thought we probably shouldn't, in case anyone was sick. Lynn can't really take any chances right now. So, I am a little bummed that no one will get to see all our our work from this weekend. We might ask his Dad and step mom to come over on Christmas eve.

Another thing that really gets me in the Christmas spirit is music. I just love the lyrics to this song. Let It Be Christmas by Alan Jackson. I think it really talks about the spirit of Christmas -- that Christmas is in our hearts and is felt through the love that we share. I bought this cd last year and this was the song I played over and over. It is such a meaningful song.

Here are some more of my new pretties!!

Enjoying the Season ~


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