Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More October fun & a Belated Happy Halloween!

The kids had Wild Hair night at AWANA.  These were our hair creations.    They received the titles of most colorful.  They had quite the do's.  I hope they got coloring their hair out of their system and won't need to do that again!

Happy Belated Halloween from the Wicked Witch and The Hulk!!!! These were our little spooks. We went to the Family Fun Fest for an evening of games and candy. It was a fun night and it wasn't too crowded.

They really raked in the loot. Now, it they would just stop hiding it from me, I would have a pretty good supply of candy!!

We have been enjoying the fun of Fall! It's hard to believe that the Christmas season will soon be upon us. It seems like I missed a good chunk of fall with being gone.


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