Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy ??? Birthday to me . . .

HA!!! Thank goodness it is almost midnight and my birthday is just about over. This one hasn't been very good at all. I should have done what I was originally planning, which was taking the kids out for a fun day. I opted to stay at home though and am now regretting it.

Part of what made it so awful is that my husband scheduled a major medical procedure for today without even telling me about it. This is something I thought that we would discuss together when the time came and I have been totally in the dark about it. Not only am I hurt that he has kept me in the dark about this, but I am also very angry.

I didn't even get a present to open today. The kids and Lynn gave me flowers and bought a cake. I was so wound up today over his secret that going out for supper didn't even sound good. The kids wanted to take me out though, so we went to Perkins.

Hopefully next year's will be better ~ I guess it can't get much worse.


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